Schleider Furniture Company

Furnishing comfortable homes since 1902


Schleider's, a tradition since 1902.

Founded in 1902, Schleider Furniture Company is the area's most complete home furnishings store with furniture and bedding you can rely on for comfort, style and value.

 Schleider's has guaranteed customer satisfaction to over a century of generations living in and around historic Brenham, Texas.  When you think about it, customers in our early days traveled to the store in wagons and buggies pulled by horses, mules and oxen!  Delivery was free back then, and it still is within a 50 mile radius of Brenham on everything on purchases of $500 and up.

Speaking of generations, most of the sale staff at Schleider's has worked in the store for over 20 years apiece.   (In fact, we have two generations of two different families on the sales floor!)  This means that you can be confident about receiving seasoned and well-informed guidance while you shop.  What you won't get is pressure.  We're here to inform, not to push, because our greatest value is your trust and your patronage for the decades still ahead of us.

...although we encountered many trials and tribulations over the years, those years have also brought their rewards.  For this we are extremely thankful--especially for those wonderful people, our customers and friends, who have helped us in good times and bad.  Today, our firm has no indebtedness; we finance credit all credit sales and discount all purchases.  It is a sincere hope that this condition may continue and that we may continue to improve our service wherever possible.  -Ben Schleider, son of Schleider's founding partner, Herman Schleider, 1969.

Even if you aren't shopping today, we invite you in to tour the building (built circa 1917) and we hope you will return often, as a customer and a friend!

Groceries, cotton and spirits

Schleider's (then called J. Schleider's Sons Co.) opened its doors as a general store that handled groceries and dry goods.  It also operated a cotton warehouse and provided a wagon yard where farmer customers could unharness, feed and rest their teams while they shopped.  Ben Schleider recalls that after driving a wagon 10 - 15 miles to arrive by 6 a.m. when the store opened, "...most of [the farmers] desired the kind of refreshment that would tone them up to be ready to transact their business."  For more on this, read more of our story!

Photography, quicksand and fallout shelter

Our loading docks and the side rail that runs alongside the store are popular with photographers and film crews who have used the store's exterior as a backdrop for vintage sets, bridal photo shoots and more.

Beyond its unique look and well preserved architecture, the store has the distinction of having been built on quicksand!  The engineering solution to that dilemma--only discovered once construction was under way--produced a building that was later selected as one of the area's few official "fallout shelters" during the Cold War era!    For details, read more of our story.  (In case you are not old enough to remember the first Cold War, school children were taught to take shelter under their desks during A-bomb drills!)

Since happiness, like charity, begins at home, many folks are already planning “better homes” for 1923. It’s to be a better homes year!
— J. Schleider's Sons Co Better Homes Bulletin, January 1923